Brigade Citrine Specifications

These are the Brigade Citrine specifications, which describe various details:


  • RCC Framed structure with Solid concrete blockwork masonry walls.


  • Vitrified tiles in the foyer, living, dining, corridors, bedrooms, kitchen & utility.
  • Ceramic tiles in the balcony, bathrooms.


  • Main door frame in timber and laminated flush shutter.
  • Internal doors – wooden frames and laminated flush shutters.
  • UPVC/Aluminum frames and sliding shutters for all external doors, or a combination of both wherever required.

Plumbing and Sanitary

  • EWCs and chrome plated fittings.
  • Chrome-plated tap with shower mixer.
  • All toilets with countertop washbasins with suspended pipeline in all toilets concealed within a false ceiling.
  • Rainwater Harvesting drain pipes included.


  • Grid Power from BESCOM for all units.
  • All electrical wiring is concealed in PVC-insulated copper wires with modular switches of reputed make.
  • DG POWER – 100% backup for all Apartments at additional cost.


  • Lifts of suitable size and capacity will be provided in all towers.
  • Round-the-clock security with intercom facility.
  • CCTV Camera at all vantage points.

Brigade Citrine Specifications are of premium quality and the highest calibre, guaranteeing total comfort for its residents. The builder has chosen high-end, branded materials with consideration for this project. Brigade Citrine boasts rich features such as wide floor plans, advanced appliances, stunning landscapes, and clean, greenery gardens.

The specifications of an apartment largely determine its durability and visual attractiveness. Building a residential complex with advanced features and specifications is crucial. As any professional developer would guarantee, Brigade Citrine has been created with the best materials. These specifications specify the materials used in a home's exterior and interior construction.

Brigade Citrine project specs are been closely examined. According to residents' interests, the specifications will offer all the amenities, recreation options, and facilities required to let them pursue their hobbies and care for their health and well-being. Residents can socialize with friends, relatives, and neighbours while attending to their daily needs and permitted requirements.

Brigade Groups' opulent residential development Brigade Citrine is located in Budigere Cross, East Bangalore's scenic environs. The builder uses premium materials to construct homes and businesses and has used only the top brands to ensure the quality is up to par in their development.

The project provides exquisitely equipped living spaces for a lavish and comfortable stay. The Brigade Citrine standards emphasise attention to detail, and the finest materials and design elements were used to create this opulent residential building. The apartments' contemporary exteriors, interiors, and plentiful amenities make them perfect for a great living atmosphere.

Features of Brigade Citrine

Structure :

  • RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) Structure.
  • Concrete Hollow blocks are used in the construction process.

The Lobby and Staircase :

  • Each block will have a stylish and graceful lobby on the ground floor.
  • The basement and ground floor lobbies will feature colourful vitrified tiles.
  • All lobby walls will have a combination of texture paint and ceiling distemper.
  • As per the architect's design, the lift cladding will also be mounted in granite.
  • The service staircase and service lobby will be designed to be visually appealing.

Lifts :

  • Each tower will have dedicated service and passenger lifts that are separate from each other.

Balcony :

  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles are commonly used in balconies to prevent slipping and provide a safer surface for walking.

Common Area Flooring ;

  • Granite flooring has been installed in all common areas except the activity area.

Bedroom Flooring :

  • The floors of the Master Bedroom have been laminated.
  • Vitrified tiles have been used in the other bedrooms.

Residences Flooring :

  • Standard vitrified tiles are used in all living spaces but not in the indoor activity zone.

Kitchen :

  • The Kitchen has vitrified tiles in the utility area.
  • Provision for a modular kitchen has been provided additionally.
  • RO and UV points are provided for clean drinking water.

Electrical :

  • All apartments come equipped with modular switches and PVC-insulated copper wires as standard.
  • Elevators, common areas, and water pumps have 100% power backup.

Toilets :

  • Ceramic tiles with anti-skid will be used in all toilets.
  • High-quality CP fittings from brands like Jaguar will be installed, along with wall- mounted EWC sanitation fixtures with unexposed flush tanks from Hindware or equivalent brands.
  • All washroom accessories will be provided, including towel rods and soap cases.
  • The toilets will have PVC-coated false ceilings and an exhaust fan. Additionally, a chrome-plated tap with a shower mixer will be installed.

Internal Doors :

  • The main door frame is constructed using durable wood and laminated flush shutters.
  • Laminated timber frames and flush shutters are standard for interior doors.

Painting :

  • External walls are coated with high-quality external emulsion paint.
  • The internal walls and Ceiling are painted in emulsion paint.
  • The railings are painted with enamel paint.

External Doors and Windows :

  • UPVC doors and windows with mesh will be provided, operating from inside the apartment.
  • Aluminium doors and windows will be added where necessary.

Electrical :

  • All electrical wirings in the apartments are covered with PVC-insulated copper wires, which provide a safe and efficient electrical connection.
  • The modular switching options allow for easy control of the electrical supply.
  • Each apartment has an individual meter with an ELCB, ensuring safety and accurate measurement of electricity consumption.
  • The bedrooms are well equipped with TV points and speaker points, providing residents with access to entertainment options.
  • Telephone points are provided to connect the living room and kitchen.
  • LAN points are also provided for internet connection in the living room and study room.

Security System :

  • A security guard will be present 24/7 at the entry and exit gates.
  • Cameras will be installed throughout the apartment premises and monitored live in the security cabin.

DG Power :

  • Common areas in the apartment will have 24/7 power from DG.
  • Individual flats may opt for 100% DG power at an extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the builder use high-quality materials for construction?

The residences of Brigade Citrine are constructed using high-quality materials that stick to industry standards for durability and longevity.

2. What safety and security facilities are available in Brigade Citrine?

Residents of Brigade Citrine can rest easy knowing that their safety is ensured by a well-equipped security force available 24/7 and round-the-clock CCTV monitoring.

3. What is the quality of ventilation and lighting in Brigade Citrine residential apartments?

These well-constructed modern apartments at Brigade Citrine feature large windows and balconies, creating a bright and airy atmosphere throughout the year.

4. Does Brigade Citrine provide furnished apartments?

Brigade Citrine offers fully furnished apartments tailored to customers' needs and preferences.

5. Is a separate lift available for residents and service in the Brigade Citrine project?

Brigade Citrine has two lifts available for residents' convenience. A separate passenger lift is for general use, and a service lift is designed for carrying goods.

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