Brigade Citrine

Brigade Citrine is a high-end pre-launch residential apartment located on Budigere Cross in the eastern part of Bangalore. The well-known Brigade Group created it. The project provides finely designed homes that meet the many demands of contemporary urban living. These apartments come in 1, 2, and 3 BHK configurations. This project offers homeowners a beautiful blend of luxury and convenience by fusing modern design with lush green surrounds.

Brigade Sanctuary in the centre of Bangalore, with its ideal location and well-considered amenities, represents a refined lifestyle for discriminating persons. The master plan provides an overview of the entire development. This well-planned layout is evidence of the careful and deliberate design that went into making this contemporary urban living area. Brigade Citrine' master design exemplifies the harmonious combination of form, function, and beauty. It includes features such as modern utilities, green spaces, and residences with contemporary features.

Brigade Citrine Quick Facts
Type of Project Apartment
Project Stage Pre Launch
Location Budigere Cross ,East Bangalore
Builder Brigade Group
Floor Plans 1, 2 & 3 bhk
Price Range Onrequest
Total Area Onrequest
Total Units Onrequest
Size Range Onrequest
Towers and Blocks Onrequest
Approvals Onrequest
RERA No Applied
Launch Date Onrequest
Possession Date Onrequest

Brigade Citrine offers a remarkable range of amenities that elevate the quality of life in addition to its exclusive residences. This comprehensive analysis of Brigade Citrine' amenities highlights the many aspects that make the community the perfect option for anyone looking for an opulent and rewarding lifestyle.

The project has strategically located seating places to encourage residents to get outside and enjoy the natural surroundings. Brigade Sanctuary makes sure that its residents can benefit from the well- established soothing effects of green spaces on mental health daily.

The developer's first concern is ensuring all its residents are safe and secure. The property has sophisticated security systems, such as CCTV cameras positioned thoughtfully throughout the enclave and a provision for video door phones. All inhabitants, regardless of age or family status, will live in a pristine and secure environment owing to the implementation of these measures. Everyone who enters Brigade Citrine, from working professionals to senior residents, single parents to families with young children, may feel at ease. This emphasis on security blends well with the enclave's friendly and calm ambience, giving it a place where people may feel at home.


Brigade Citrine Location

Brigade Citrine's flawless location in Budigere Cross makes it a favourite destination for working professionals and investors. The Old Madras Road (OMR) links Whitefield, Hoskote Road, and Budigere Road. Major roadways and public transportation make easy access to the area hassle- free. One of Bangalore's most affluent neighbourhoods is Budigere Cross, which is situated on Old Madras Road.

Prominent IT parks and tech corridors surround Budigere Cross. Numerous global firms call the International Tech Park, which is only a short drive away, home. Several IT parks, such as Bagmane Tech Park, Manyata Tech Park, and EPIP Zone, are easily reachable from Budigere Cross. Because it is close to Hoskote's KIADB industrial sector, the area is more favourable for people looking for residential properties and commercial premises. The number of IT professionals residing in this area has increased due to its proximity to busy job centres, raising the demand for new residences and flats.

  • Accessibility to the Airport: Budigere Road and SH-104 offer easy access to Kempegowda International Airport from the project location, making it feasible for Brigade Citrine homeowners to get there.
  • Accessibility to the metro station: The project location has excellent connectivity to both operational Pink Line and planned Blue Line metro stations, including KR Puram Metro Station and Kadugodi Metro Station, which are located at 9.5 km and 10 km, respectively.
  • Accessibility to the railway station: Whitefield Railway Station, about 7 km away, and Krishnarajpuram Railway Station, approximately 10 km distant, provide Brigade Citrine with good railway access.
  • Accessibility to OMR: Old Madras Road, popularly known as OMR, is unquestionably one of the most significant arterial routes because it connects the city to the NH4, which connects Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Pune. This major road is close to the project location.
  • Accessibility to NH 44: The Brigade Citrine project location is around 10 km from National Highway 44, offering easy access to the city's main neighbourhood. The four—to eight-lane NH 44 connects Kempegowda International Airport, Hosur, Bangalore's industrial region, and the vehicle's entry and exit.
  • Accessibility to NH-75: The occupants can easily commute to neighbouring states due to the project's convenient position that provides quick access to NH 75. One of the most important routes in India, NH-75, links the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

Establishing additional highways and ring roads surrounding the project site has made travelling to many locations via major NH 75 much easier. A forthcoming expressway has also been suggested. The area offers basic amenities and a strong social infrastructure for the convenience of its occupants. It is full of shopping centres, hospitals, and schools. These amenities are essential to preserving a diverse community and improving people's quality of life.

Key Dates

  • Launch Date :
  • Completion Date :
  • Possession Date :
  • RERA No:

Budigere Cross

Budigere Cross

The residents of Brigade Citrine on Budigere Cross have easy access to the city's most prominent locations. Budigere Cross, a major intersection, connects Old Madras Road (OMR) and Budigere Road. It has decent connectivity and is adjacent to main and state highways. There are convenient public transportation options in the area for travel to Bangalore. Recent significant improvements to the physical infrastructure and social amenities have allowed the location to expand and draw interest from investors.

Reputable schools, job centres, and multispecialty hospitals are nearby. Future real estate trends are expected to benefit from anticipated improvements in social infrastructure and accessibility, which will shorten travel times and strengthen connections with nearby regions. Because of these upgrades, urbanites looking for a completer and more improved lifestyle will find Budigere and Budigere Cross more appealing since they will have easier access to IT centres and educational institutions.

The area's growth is mostly due to Budigere Road and Budigere Cross's proximity to employment hubs, including KIABD Aerospace Park, Manyata Tech Park, and Old Madras Road (OMR). Budigere Cross's infrastructure is expanding swiftly due to its proximity to significant industrial regions and employment hubs. Building more highways and ring roads around the project site has made travel to numerous destinations via important NH 75 easier. Additionally, a proposed freeway has been mentioned.

Benefits of investing in Brigade Citrine on Budigere Cross

  • Proximity to employment hubs: Budigere Cross is close to the KIADB industrial area in Hoskote, making it more favourable for people looking for commercial workspaces and residential buyers. The locale's proximity to thriving employment centres has resulted in an influx of IT professionals, creating a surge in demand for new properties and rental units.
  • Nearness to Whitefield: Budigere Cross is located roughly 12 km from Whitefield, at the epicentre of booming employment opportunities, making it a highly coveted destination for job seekers. The locale is surrounded by numerous business hubs such as RMZ Ecoworld, International Tech Park Bangalore (ITPL) and Brigade Tech Park, to name a few.
  • Enhanced Connectivity:  The area benefits from excellent connectivity to other parts of Namma Bengaluru. The presence of vital arterial roads such as Old Madras Road, Outer Ring Road and Whitefield Main Road ensures easy accessibility to major nearby employment centres.
  • Real Estate Market: Budigere Cross is undoubtedly a compelling investment proposition due to its strategic location, infrastructural development, and appreciation of property values. As the city expands and the demand for quality residences rises, this suburban area is poised to become a thriving residential and commercial destination.

The expansion of adjacent industry and IT clusters has contributed to the area's spectacular rise in recent years. Budigere Cross and OMR are home to several residential and commercial projects because of their essential linkages to other areas of Bangalore and important IT clusters. A few examples of infrastructure development initiatives that are essential to the growth and allure of the real estate industry are road construction, public transportation, and communal amenities. The expansion of Budigere Cross can be attributed to its deliberate long-term objectives, which are shared by many expanding regions.


Brigade Citrine Bangalore

Situated in the eastern part of Bangalore, Brigade Citrine is a perfect place, allowing easy access to all the basic amenities. The biggest tech hub in India, Bangalore, is at the centre of the global technology industry. Karnataka, a state in South India, has this city as its capital and largest. Bangalore has been a major international economic hub in recent years, with significant expansion in industries including IT and software development, aerospace, biotechnology, manufacturing and engineering, real estate, etc. The city's business environment is vibrant, dynamic, and highly competitive.

Bangalore stands out as one of the fastest-growing tech clusters globally. Research and development centres for globally recognized corporations, including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, are located there. Over four million people are employed in India's IT sector, which generates over 120 billion in export revenue annually.

Bangalore is the most profitable real estate market in India right now, making it the ideal area to invest in real estate. According to Crisil's report, it has the biggest potential return on investment of any Indian city. The sector's rise is further aided by government initiatives and infrastructure development, which improve Bangalore's overall appeal as a real estate investment destination and improve connectivity.

Pros of investing in and residing in Bangalore

  • Centre of Technology: Most people go here for higher wages because the city provides many job options for its citizens.
  • Rising Rentals and Prices: A growing number of people from different regions are moving to Bangalore, most staying in rented homes. Consequently, purchasing a home will result in significant rental revenue and a reliable funding source.
  • Great Infrastructure: Bangalore City has outstanding infrastructure that offers a different way of living and makes life easier and more fun.
  • Superior Services: The city offers excellent options for hospitals, colleges, schools, and other establishments.
  • Broad Variety: Many different housing alternatives are available in Bangalore, allowing customers to select what they want. These consist of plots, villas, apartments, and so forth.

Bangalore has expanded significantly in the last ten years, drawing residents from all across the nation and overseas. The city's population boom stimulated Bangalore's property prices and real estate market. Bangalore's atmosphere, which helps people feel at ease and content, is the key reason why people want to live there. Bangalore's population gradually grows due to the migration of people from many places and cultures who migrate there in search of work.


Brigade Citrine RERA

Brigade Citrine has requested approval under RERA. The builder will start the project as soon as the relevant authorities approve. Following the launch, interested parties can begin scheduling their flats.

The RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Act of 2016 was passed to guarantee the transparency, regulation, and promotion of India's real estate market. Its main goal in the sector is protecting investors' and consumers' money. The government ensured that each state had an RERA authority to guarantee that the RERA Act was correctly applied. The main objectives of RERA Karnataka are to safeguard the interests of property purchasers and boost real estate investment in the state.

Benefits of investing in RERA-approved projects.

  • Transparency: Developers are responsible for disclosing all project information, including the plan, government approvals, layout, status of the land title, architects, contractors, and other project participants.
  • Separate Escrow Account: Developers must deposit 70% of the buyer's payment in a separate escrow account that will only be used for the project's building and land expenses.
  • Consumer Rights: RERA allows purchasers to view all project-related data and information. Additionally, it enables purchasers to claim ownership of the asset and the assignees' relationship.
  • Carpet Area: The Act requires developers to declare the "carpet area" precisely and stringently. The customer pays for the carpeted region—which prohibits the thickness of the inner walls—and not the heavily constructed section.
  • Project Delays: If there are any delays, the builder will bear the same interest and cost as the EMI that the customers paid.

The state's Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) requires registration of all residential and commercial properties with more than 500 sq.mt, or eight flats, of land. The registration procedure safeguards customers' rights and ensures builders adhere to set criteria.


Brigade Citrine Apartments

An apartment is a private house divided into multiple smaller residences within a building or house. Given their rising demand over the years, apartments are a wonderful blend word in the real estate market. Maximum convenience, first-rate amenities, and lots of space and privacy within the home are all features of this kind of real estate. It has an air of independence because of its large open areas, roomy balconies, and breathtaking views.

Factors to consider before investing in apartments

  • Location: One of the most crucial things to consider when making a purchase is the location. Placed prominently, it will provide better connectivity and accessibility.
  • Size: Choose a reasonably sized apartment, as smaller ones cannot provide the same luxury and room as villas. They'll also convey a sense of disarray and crowding.
  • Total cost: Before deciding, confirm that the property and apartment costs are fair and reasonable. Because this is the primary motivation for investing, the property should be able to provide a reasonable profit when it is sold.
  • Builder Potential: The builder's value directly affects the property's pricing. Therefore, we should choose genuine or renowned builders in the industry.

Brigade Group has launched a luxurious apartment project in Budigere Cross, Brigade Citrine. The project offers premium 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments with luxurious facilities nestled amid all the basic amenities.

Benefits of investing in Brigade Citrine

  • Strategic location: The primary benefit of investing in Brigade Citrine is its advantageous location. Because Budigere Cross in East Bangalore is a prime location that provides quick and simple access to all of the city's key areas, Brigade Group planned this project there.
  • Prestigious Developer: Brigade Group's worth is well-known among urban dwellers. With its distinctive designs, unwavering quality, and commitment to client happiness, it has ruled the real estate sector. Because Brigade Citrine has a high brand value, it enhances society.
  • Lifestyle facilities: With its extensive array of lifestyle facilities, Brigade Citrine redefines luxury living beyond the confines of a house.
  • Robust Rental Potential: Brigade Citrine'Cross’s high rental demand is its main selling point for investors. The property's rental demand and pricing are rising due to its nearness to the city's most popular locations and IT hubs.
  • Appreciation value: The Brigade Citrine complex properties are assets designed for appreciation, not just residences. The property's worth increases over time due to its excellent construction, prominent developer, and advantageous location.

Brigade Group

Brigade Group

Brigade Group is one of the most successful real estate developers in India. It was founded by M.R. Jaishankar in 1986. Brigade Group ensures unparalleled design excellence and upscale amenities that epitomize sophistication and refinement. Their diverse residential portfolio encompasses various housing options such as villas, villaments, penthouses, premium residences, luxury apartments, value homes, urban studios, independent living for seniors, plotted developments, and mixed-use lifestyle enclaves and townships. Notably, Brigade has set benchmarks in the industry with pioneering projects like Brigade Gateway, which stands as Bengaluru's inaugural lifestyle enclave, and Brigade Exotica, acclaimed as one of the tallest residential towers in the city.

Peculiarities of the projects of Brigade Group

  • Environment friendly
  • Priority for safety
  • Well-developed locations
  • Reliable and dedicated
  • Customer centricity

In addition to its exceptional residential ventures, Brigade has garnered acclaim for its Grade A commercial properties, establishing itself as a leading developer in this sphere. Holding the license for the World Trade Centre across South India, their commercial spaces attract top international clients, showcasing the Group's commitment to premium infrastructure and services. Furthermore, Brigade made a foray into the co-working space with 'BuzzWorks' in March 2019, diversifying its commercial offerings. With a robust growth trajectory, their commercial segment has consistently expanded, with ongoing development spanning over 5 million square feet of office space.

Upcoming Projects in Bangalore 2024

Investors and residential developers can reserve plots that are currently in the planning stages. Upcoming projects will take longer to finish since the design and planning will be adjusted frequently to accommodate buyers' and investors' requirements. Brigade Group is launching multiple upcoming projects in Bangalore by 2024.

Let's look at some of the upcoming premium projects of Brigade Group in Bangalore.

Upcoming Projects in Bangalore 2024

Ongoing Projects in Bangalore

An ongoing project is still in development and needs an occupancy certificate or completion certificate issued. Brigade Group is a company that consistently completes its projects on schedule, and it is currently working on various luxury projects in Bangalore.

Let's explore some of the luxurious ongoing projects in Bangalore:

Completed Projects in Bangalore

When a project is declared finished, it indicates that all of its work has been accomplished. A completion certificate attests to the fact that the established standard amenities and specifications have finished the property. It gives the buyer and investors peace of mind that the property is prepared, and there won't be any issues when they take possession. Reputable builders like Brigade Group have constructed and completed several luxury projects in Bangalore.

Let's delve into some of the astonishing completed projects in Bangalore.


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